Who Are We?!


We can be reached here: rbc@youngpreservationists.org

Buffalo’s Young Preservationists was founded in 2011 and has helped to save many iconic buildings in downtown Buffalo. We are a small army of dedicated folks who love our historic built environment. BYP is known for doing things differently… and BYP created the “heart bomb” which has spread across the country like wildfire! You can learn more about them here!

Preserve Greater Indy is a relatively young, young PGI LOGO 2preservationists group! Founded in the spring of 2015, Preserve Greater Indy was started by a group of young preservationists in Central Indiana looking for new ways to connect and engage in preservation. Our name indicates our support for preservation, not only in our home base of Indianapolis, but the outlying communities from Muncie and Bloomington. So far, we’ve planned fun happy hours, cleaned up of the vacant Rivoli Theatre, volunteered for ScoutMuncie – a crowdsourced architectural survey, and
executed social media campaigns including #beersavesplaces, #iamapreservationist, and heart bombing 2016

The Young Ohio Preservationists is a network of individuals and organizations that provides opportunities for emerging professionals, promotes preservation as a positive agent for change, and aims to educate, inspire and motivate young Ohioans to preserve their built heritage.

The Young Ohio Preservationists, an affiliate of Heritage Ohio, achieves this through coordinating hands-on preservation workshops, field trips, networking, and more for people interested in preservation and Ohio history.

Contact YOP at yop@heritageohio.org / For more info: www.heritageohio.org

The Young Preservationists Association of Pittsburgh (YPA PGH) was founded in 2003 to represent and promote younger voices in historic preservation. We believe that historic preservation is about more than just creating museums – it’s an essential tool for community and economic development, smart urban growth, and regional revitalization.

Over the last sixteen years, we’ve taken many creative approaches to educating young people about the important of historic preservation, anypa logod we’ve advocated for the preservation of hundreds of historic sites in the Greater Pittsburgh region. Some YPA success stories include the Beaver County Pittsburgh & Lake Erie Railroad Station, the Cork Factory, and the Union Project.

Contact YPA at info@youngpreservationists.org


A group of young, energetic, preservation-minded individuals came together in October of 2012 to form the Wheeling Young Preservationists. Members share a deep 

WYP logolove of Wheeling and the common goal of preserving the history, culture, and buildings of the city. WYP events include monthly happy hours,  volunteer workdays, neighborhood clean-ups, and a major fundraising campaign to save The Blue Church (Built in 1837, The Blue Church pre-dates the state of WV!) In 2015, WYP launched a series of hands-on preservation trades workshops to equip local, DIY-minded young preservationists with the knowledge to take on their own restoration projects.  Contact WYP at wheelingyoungpreservationists@gmail.com 


The Young Urban Preservationists (YUPs) are affiliated with The Landmark YUP_2.0-smallSociety of Western New York, a regional non-profit preservation organization based in Rochester, NY. Started in early 2014, the YUPs are a group of youngish folks interested in preservation and community revitalization. We come from various walks of life and various professions—lawyers, planners, doctors, veterinarians, architects, writers, artists—but we all have one thing in common: we care about our communities and we believe our historic resources play an important role in any community’s revitalization. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram and follow along with our activities using #YUProc.